donna ciccia

Donna is currently a higher degree candidate at NICM, Western Sydney University completing her Masters in Research.


Donna is the Co-founder and a Board Director of Endometriosis Australia and was named in the 2018 Australian Financial Review’s 100 Women of Influence and Blackmore's Women & Wellness - ChangeBeing for 2019 and a finalist for NSW 2021 Women of the Year Awards, Community Hero. Donna is a Member of the Federal Endometriosis Advisory Group for the Implementation of the National Action Plan for Endometriosis. She is a Director of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and is an Australia Day Ambassador.


Donna’s personal experiences motivated her to set up Endometriosis Australia. Her goal is to pay it forward for the next generation of women so that successful treatment and cure can be found. She established the charity in 2012, running the organisation for many years as a full-time volunteer. Throughout this time in this role, she has acquired a diverse set of skills, developed a vast number of contacts nationally and internationally, and has been recognised as making a significant contribution towards the promotion of a major health issue. Endometriosis Australia was borne out of the need to make a change for the 830,000 patients living with endometriosis in Australia. 


Donna’s establishment of the Ambassador Program for Endometriosis Australia has led to the development of the ‘Friends of Endometriosis Parliamentary Committee’, a Federal bipartisan approach to ending the silence on endometriosis. Donna has been invited to speak on medical, research and public discussion panels both nationally and internationally.


Her work in the development of the Endometriosis Australia Research Grants Program has come to fruition with the first grants being awarded in 2017. Donna has established successful national awareness campaigns, fundraising, and educational events that have helped end the silence for the 1 in 9 Endo Warriors with endometriosis in Australia.